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Service Designer

I am a London based Product and Service Designer, currently pursuing an MA in Service Design at the Royal College of Art. I develop products, services and strategies, by studying people's behaviours and exploring latent needs. Employing a human centred approach and combining feasibility, viability and desirability, I make abstract ideas tangible and work on solutions that are equally profitable for users, businesses and manufacturers.

Areas of Expertise

Service Design

I envision and plan new strategies, processes and touch points, to shape the experience of people who use a servie and make the service valuable, viable and profitable for the companies that offer them. By creating a harmonious interplay of people, information and communication, environment and interaction mechanims, I aim to design practical and emotionally satisfying service experiences.

Product Design

It is my passion to bridge the gap between people and the world around them. With the thoughtful combination of user interaction, form, materials, colours and textures I create stimulating products which do not only have high aesthetic value, but show beauty in their functionality.

3D Branding

A holistic brand experience offers the customer a multi dimensional interface that communicates with all their senses. In order to bring a brand to life in 3D, I translate the brands character through material choices, form and user interaction. I apply this to the design of fmcg packaging, (retail) environments, product displays and promotional items.

The Future of Retail

A project for Sainsbury's, designing the shopping experience of 2020.

Audit Futures

Redefining the profession of audit for the ICAEW.

Story Line Shelf

Small furniture item client project for Alessi in year three at Central St. Martins.


Business banking re-imagined.

Free Walker

Blind Cane System to improve urban mobility for visually impaired people.

Disguise Necklace

A portable ashtray for JTI & Future Concept Lab.

  • Discovery

    Through research, observation and immersion, I build up an understanding of the context, different stakeholders, the users and their need's and behaviours.

    I examine the problem and look at it from all sides, considering the past, present and future. This leads to the definition of the problem, the opportunities and the aims.

  • Ideation

    Gathering of a wide range of ideas and playing with different scenarios, materials, shapes, messages and interactions.

  • Development

    A circle of prototyping, testing and refining. Choices are made based on insights gained through user testing and experimentation.

    “Fail often to succeed sooner.”

  • Communication & Deployment

    At the end of each project, we have a refined and integrated solution, which brings together the interest of all stakeholders, through viability, desirability, feasibility and sustainability. The final step is to communicate this by telling the story and support it's deployment.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman's Odyssey


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