Sainsbury's Authentics

What will the 2020 shopping experience at Sainsbury's look like and what are the interactions, technology, and the core store infrastructure from shopping trolley to shelves, from counter service to check out, to home delivery?

Category: Group Project | Time:10.11.14 - 17.12.14 | Team Members: Ayako Fujiwara, JooHyun Ryu, Mariana Pedrosa, Qin Hu

The Situation


We invited two groups of people to the service design studio and held two one-hour workshops with them, in order to gain insights into their shopping habits and impressions of different supermarkets.
Key insights were:
“Shopping is boring, it should be more fun.”
”Stores look like warehouses. What is there to like?”
People want to touch, smell and taste things.
"Shopping is stressfull."
"Shopping in store and online is not really connected."
"I don't feel like I have any personal connection with the supermarket that I usually shop at."

Future Retail Trends

1.The online and mobile revolution is positive and should be fully embraced.

2. Brands will increasingly focus on seamless multichannel customer experiences.

3. Physical stores are evolving into experiencebased destinations that will drive brand loyalty and engage customers at a more emotional level.

4. Technology is a catalyst that can help reinvent the store.

5. Shop floor staff will need to become retail experts.

6. Progressive environmental legislation will require improvements.

The Problem


As a result of our research we uncovered pain points and trends which led us to the question: How can we make shopping less stressful?

Design Direction
Create a shopping destination, that transforms the activity from being a task, to being an experience, which is not only inspiring but tailored to the customer’s personal needs and preferences and enables them to lead a healthy life.

The Solution


As a response we created Sainsbury's Authentics. With Sainsburys authentics a person who is allergic to nuts will never accidentally buy a product that contains nuts again. You will never again pay the full price for an item if you have a voucher at home. You will never have to carry your heavy shopping bags anymore if you don’t want to. You’ll never run out of milk again.

The sainsburys experience store focuses on fresh and seasonal items: you will have fresh vegetables and fruit on display, there will a bakery for fresh bread, a meat counter with experienced butchers, experts working in fish cheese and a hot food section. Everything around you will invite you to touch it, smell it, and find out more about it. If you are exhausted or waiting for someone, you can go to the resting area. Non-food items or frozen food will be bought from OLED touchscreens which are located in front of a living wall in the back of the store.


Everywhere in the store, there will be scanners on the shelves which allow people to scan items and receive personalized information about the product.

Low shelf with scanner

Here people will have the option to just pick it up and buy it in-store, have it delivered to your home, or added to your subscription. This reduces the task factor of the shopping experience and leaves only the part people enjoy which is looking and being inspired, touching, trying and choosing.

Scan screen
OLED Screens

OLED screens in front of a living wall offer an interface which allows customers to buy non frozen, dried, preserved as well as non food items.

When a customer approaches a screen, it recognizes them and shows their favourite and recently bought items and give them the option to search for items. On the product screen, they will get information about the product as well as recommendations of items that compliment their selection. Customers also have the option to get personalized nutrition information and read reviews from other people. After the customer has made their choice, they will select the quantity and decide if they want to pick the product up at the customer desk, have it delivered to their home within the next two hours so that they can have a hands free shopping experience, or add it to their subscription.

See the full project report here.